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Lucky Rice Event July 30th

July 28, 2015


Lucky Rice Event on Thursday July 30th:

Lucky Rice will be returning to the City of Angels with a national Feast event and will continue to feature the best up-and-coming chefs in the Los Angeles area. Popular Pop-Ups will be joined by brick-and-mortar mainstays under one roof, with plenty of Asian-influenced cocktails from the city’s top mixologists to help wash down the grub.

Sawtelle Japantown’s Seoul Sausage Company will be participating in the event.

Create Nightclub
6021 Hollywood Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90028

General Admission: 8 – 10pm (7pm for VIP)


VIP: $150
GA: $88

For more information and a full menu go to:



Tokyo Japanese Outlet / 東京アウトレット

July 1, 2015

Make Up and False Lashes

Make Up and False Lashes

The NY Times has called Sawtelle the “Boulevard of the Rising Sun”  because of the mix of Japanese restaurants, and shops.  But few of the Sawtelle businesses can match the Tokyo Japanese Outlet for bringing you a piece of Japan right in West Los Angeles.  Located in the
Sawtelle Center, the Tokyo Japanese Outlet might be small, but it packs a punch with a plethora of over 4000 Japanese items.  Items range from anime toys, beauty products, candy, cell phone accessories, stuffed animals, unique kitchenware, Japanese gifts and souvenirs, apparel, and much more.   Once inside, it’s really easy to admire all of the merchandise, and quite frankly, shopping at the Tokyo Japanese Outlet is simply irresistible.

Cute Socks

Cute Socks

Some of the coolest items

A few of our favorite items were the Japanese beauty products.  We thought it was some of the best make-up around.  We loved the false eye lashes and Love Drops Mascara.  Also the Dolly Wink Liquid Eyeliner was fabulous.  Other unique finds were all of the Hello Kitty merchandise, Japanese candy and gum, and the bento boxes.

Hello Kitty Goods

Hello Kitty Goods

The items are tad more expensive than the other tchotchke store Daiso across the street, but still reasonably priced.  If you’re looking for cute and unique gifts for someone or for yourself, Tokyo Japanese Outlet has got you covered.  I just scored some adorable mini fruit shaped erasers for my desk at work.

In future blog posts, we will feature more cool finds from Tokyo Japanese Outlet.


ニューヨークタイムス紙がソーテル道りに沢山のレストランや店が混ざり合いどんどん店数も増えつずけ活気が出ている様子を日が昇る(Rising Sun)様な勢いだと表現しました。但しTokyoOutletのように日本の一部をウエストLAへもってきた 感じがするお店は他にありません。ソーテルセンターにあるこの店は小さいが4000以上の活気ある品物が置かれています。

品物は玩具、美容用品、お菓子類、携帯用カバー、動物のぬいぐるみ、ユニークな台所用品、日本的なギフトやおみやげ 衣類等々他にも沢山の品があります。入店すると嬉しい気持ちになり何か買いたくくなります。


一押しは美容用品。付けまつげ、Love Drop マスカラ, Dolly Winkリキィドアイライナーで 他に類をみない良い製品だと思います。


お友達に可愛いギフトをお探しならTokyo Outlet tはぴったりなお店です。私もフルーツの形をした可愛い消しゴムを仕事の机用に買ってしまいました。

Tokyo Japanese Outlet is located at:

2109 Sawtelle Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90025