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May 28, 2015

Satsuma Imports Exterior

Satsuma Imports Exterior

Mr. and Mrs. Sakai

Mr. and Mrs. Sakai

Walk into Satsuma Imports and you’ll see several family pictures hanging from the walls.  Owners Mr. and Mrs. Sakai are always busy at work here.  Whether it be answering questions about the Japanese makeup line Shiseido, wrapping gifts (a free service of the shop), or ringing up orders, this adorable couple are very helpful to their customers.  Satsuma Imports has been open for business for a few decades.  The shop items as the store name says are imported from Japan, and they truly make unique and authentic gifts.  Some of the most popular gifts are listed below:

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Vintage Japanese Kimono

Vintage Japanese Kimono

1. The Japanese Kimono –  If you are looking to buy a vintage silk Kimono, you can purchase one here for roughly $150.00 and there are a variety to choose from.

2. Sake Sets – These make great gifts for friends and family, not to mention to have at home when entertaining.

3. Japanese Dish Sets – These come complete with a set of chopsticks.  They are lovely Japanese dish sets that are actually made in Japan, not in China.  Be sure to get them wrapped in the fancy wrapping paper before you leave the shop.

4. Tea Pots and Kettles – Beautiful designs and unique items for gifts or to just simply dress up your kitchen with color.

Shisedo Makeup

Shisedo Makeup

5. Shiseido – Satsuma Imports carries the Japanese line of Shiseido cosmetics and they have two other lines that are not carried in other stores.

When planning your visit, be sure to visit during the week.  Shop is not open on weekends.

Tea Kettles

Tea Kettles


薩摩インポートには 本物でユニークな日本製の製品が揃えられています。店に入ると家族写真が飾られオーナーのさかい御夫妻は資生堂化粧品への質問に答えたり、ギフトを包んだり(料金なし)発注したりと何時も忙しく働いています。この日本から来たオーナーはお客様に大変親切で数十年間商売をしており店の名前が示すように日本から輸入した本当にユニークで確実な品揃えはしギフトに最適です。

Japanese vases

Japanese vases













Satsuma Imports is located at:

2029 Sawtelle Blvd Los Angeles, California 90025

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