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Conversation with Music Composer Joey Newman at Mapaya

August 31, 2015

Music composer Joey Newman

Music composer Joey Newman (photo by SawtelleJapantown.com)

If you are ever at Balconi Coffee in Sawtelle Japantown, you may see Joey Newman chatting with fellow coffee drinkers.   He’s a regular Balconi Coffee customer, and drinks a siphoned black coffee almost every day.

Joey is a successful music composer for films, television shows and video games.  His music can be heard on several television shows such as the ABC comedy The Middle, NBC show The Mysteries of Laura, and the TLC reality show series, Little People, Big World.  Although working on televisions shows is fast paced and deadline driven, Joey enjoys the entire process of collaborating with the show creators and creating the compositions in post production.

Joey Newman working in his Studio (photo by Liza Voll)

Joey Newman working in his Studio (photo by Liza Voll)

Joey comes from a well known musical family and is a third generation music composer: His grandfather is Lionel Newman who was the head of 20th Century Fox’s Music Department for 47 years and his granduncle is multiple Oscar winner Alfred Newman. Joey‘s other famous musical family members are Randy Newman, David Newman, Thomas Newman and Maria

Joey is very familiar with the Sawtelle Japantown area.  Growing up near Sawtelle Japantown, one of Joey’s closest friends was Japanese and his friend’s family owned and operated the Taka Hair Salon.  Thus, Sawtelle became one of Joey‘s regular places to hang out with his friends.

Spicy salad crepe at Mapaya

Spicy salad crepe at Mapaya (photo by SawtelleJapantown.com)

Even now, Joey continues to frequent Sawtelle Japantown with his family.  In addition to Balconi Coffee, another favorite of Joey’s is the next door Japanese style creperie MapayaJoey often takes his 3 daughters to Mapaya and they order sweet crepes with cute animals designs.  Joey
himself likes the savory spicy salad crepe at Mapaya.

Monkey crepe at Mapaya

Monkey crepe at Mapaya (photo by Joey Newman)

Bird crepe at Mapaya

Bird crepe at Mapaya (photo by Joey Newman)

Joey has a list of other restaurants that he recommends in Sawtelle Japantown. So if you ever see Joey at Balconi Coffee or Mapaya, do not hesitate to ask him for restaurant recommendations or ask him about his interesting career.

ジョイ ニューマン

ソーテルジャパンタウンにあるバルコニーコーヒーに行く機会があったら 店のお客様とおしゃべりするジョイニーマン氏を見かけるかもしれない。 彼は店の常連でほぼ毎日サイフォンでいれられたブラックコーヒーを飲んでいる。

ジョイは映画、テレビ、ビデオゲームの有名な作曲家だ。彼の楽曲はABCの コメデイーTHE MIDDLE,NBCの MYSTERIES OF LAURA 、TLC の LITTLE PEOPLE BIG WORLD等で聴ける。テレビの仕事は締め切りに追われ忙しいが、テレビの作品の クリエーターたちとコラボしながら作曲するプロセスは楽しいそいだ。

ジョイは有名な作曲家の家族出身で三代目となる。祖父はライオネルニューマン氏で 47年間二十世紀フォクス映画会社の音楽部長だった。大叔父 アルフレッドニューマン氏はいくつものオスカー受賞者だ。他にもこの音楽一家にはRANDY NEWMAN, DAVID NEWMAN, THOMAS NEWMAN and MARIA NEWMANが名を連ねる。

ジョイは ソーテルジャパンタウンの近くで育ったのでソーテルジャパンタウンは熟知している。TAKA HAIR SALONの息子とは仲が良かった。そんなわけでよく友達たちと過ごす場所だった。

今でも家族とはよく来る。バルコニコヒーの隣にある日本式クレープ屋MAPAYAには3人の娘を連れていく。彼らは可愛い動物の形をした甘いクレープが好きでジョイはスパイシーなサラダの入った大人味が好きだ。他にも当地には沢山好きなレストランがあるそうなので バルコニコーヒーでジョイを見かけたらお勧めレストランを聞いたり彼の興味深いお仕事について尋ねたらいかがでしょうか?