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Granada Market / グラナダマーケット

June 14, 2015

Granada Market Exterior

Granada Market Exterior (photo by SawtelleJapantown.com)

Granada Market is a family-owned compact grocery store specializing in sashimi-grade fish, kobe beef & other Japanese specialties.   While this Mom & Pop market might lack in space, it does not lack in high quality and fresh Japanese foods.

Meiji Tofu

Meiji Tofu (photo by SawtelleJapantown.com)

Fresh sashimi grade fish

Fresh Fish (photo by SawtelleJapantown.com)

A favorite item from the market is Meiji tofu, which can be difficult to find in other Japanese food markets.  It’s known for its extremely soft and silky texture.  Other popular items are the fresh fish selection, Japanese fruits, vegetables and sashimi.  Not to mention, all of the wonderful special items like Japanese dolls that are mixed together with grocery items.
Japanese Dolls with Groceries

Japanese Dolls with Groceries (photo by SawtelleJapantown.com)

Check out their pre-made food which is good for lunch or even an afternoon snack.  Unfortunately, the Mom & Pop shops are disappearing in Sawtelle Japantown so be sure to stop by to support these special neighborhood stores.

Granada Market Aisle

Granada Market Aisle (photo by SawtelleJapantown.com)


グラナダマーケットは刺身用魚 神戸ビーフや他のスペシャルな日本食品を売る家族経営の小さなマーケットだ。この店はスペースに欠けているかも知れなが高品質と新鮮さに関しては全く欠けていない。



Granada Market is located at:

1820 Sawtelle Blvd. Los Angeles, CA 90025