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Ramen with Skid Row’s Scotti Hill / スキッドローの スコットィ ヒル氏

June 25, 2015

Skid Row Guitarist Scotti Hill

Skid Row Guitarist Scotti Hill

Outside of Tatsu Ramen

Outside of Tatsu Ramen

Ramen with Scotti Hill

As I mentioned in a previous post, one of the things that I like most about starting this blog is having a Twitter account for Sawtelle Japantown. I’ve met the most interesting people on Twitter who are fans of the Sawtelle Japantown area. One such Twitter follower is guitarist Scotti Hill from the heavy metal band Skid Row, a band whose songs bring back memories from my high school days (ie belting out “I Remember You” in the car with friends).

A few weeks ago, I had direct messaged Scotti to thank him for the Twitter follow and mentioned that I was a fan of Skid Row. After some back and forth exchanges, it came to light that our children currently attend the same preschool. What are the chances? And how random? In any case, I talked to Scotti the other day over a bowl of Tatsu ramen. . .

Aside from a short hiatus in 1996 when grunge music was in and heavy metal music was out. Scotti has played with Skid Row for the last 29 years. Scotti is one of 3 original members of Skid Row and they continue to tour all over the world as either a featured act or with a group of other metal bands. I told Scotti that he is lucky to be able to pursue his passion for music as a job, and he agreed, but he told me that it is a difficult lifestyle for a father of a young son to be
away touring for weeks at a time.

Scotti loves Japan and the Japanese culture. In fact, during longer breaks on tour, he and his family live in Japan for 1 to 2 months out of the year He likes being a regular “gaijin” in Japan and he can be seen hanging out in front of the local convenience store drinking a beer. Being an active member of Skid Row requires him to live in the United States, however, when he retires from Skid Row down the line, Scotti would like to live permanently in Japan.

There is a lot of travel and down time being on tour and Scotti brushes up on his Japanese hiragana and katakana via iPhone apps. He sometimes tweets in Japanese.

Scotti and his family frequent many places in Sawtelle Japantown. including Manpuku, Seoul Sausage and Bar Hayama to name a few. It was Scotti’s first time trying Tatsu and he gave Tatsu’s ramen a thumbs up. If you are wondering what Scotti ordered at Tatsu, he had the bold ramen. As a side note, Scotti has an interesting way of eating ramen where he puts the ramen noodles in the spoon and wraps the noodles on his chopsticks – like spaghetti style.

Bold Ramen

Bold Ramen (photo by Malcolm Johnson)

Scotti Hill Eating Ramen Spaghetti Style

Scotti Hill Eating Ramen Spaghetti Style

I enjoyed my lunch conversation with Scotti and look forward to bumping into him in Sawtelle Japantown or at my child’s preschool.

Skid Row is currently touring and their tour schedule can be found on their website at SkidRow.com,


前にも書いがソーテルジャパンタウンのブログを初めて一番好きな ことはソーテルジャパンタウン周辺のフアンの興味深い人々に 会うことだ。ヘビーメタルバンドスキッドローのギターリスト スコットィヒル氏もその一人だ。彼らのヒット曲(車で友達と聞いた ”I Remember You”)は高校時代を思い出させる。

数週間前スコッティにツイッターフォローのお礼をしスキッドローの ファンである事を伝えた折りに会話の中から子供たちが同じ プリスクールに行っている事が判明した。そんなわけで彼とたつラーメンをいただきながらお話を聞いた。

1996年グランジミュージックがはやった時の一時期を除いてスキッドローとして29年間演奏をつずけている。彼は3人のスキッドローオリジナルメンバーの一人で 今も世界中で演奏活動を単独又は他のグループと共に行っている。

彼は自分のパッシオンを仕事に出来ることは幸せに思っている 一方小さな子を持つ親としては数週間一度に家を開ける ライフスタイルは難しい面もあるそうだ。

氏は日本と日本文化が大好きで長く休みが取れる時には家族と共に1,2か月日本に滞在する。彼は不通の”外人“に日本でなっている事が好きでコンビニ店前でビールを飲む姿も見られるそうだ。スキッドローのメンバーとしてはアメリカに 住まなくてはならないが 将来リタイア後は日本に永住したい希望がある。。