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New Developments Transforming Sawtelle

September 22, 2015

The following article was co-authored by Steven Sharp, editor of the Urbanize LA blog.  For more information on the latest Los Angeles urban development projects, visit Urbanize.LA and follow Urbanize LA on twitter @ubranizela.

Traveling north on Sawtelle Boulevard in the Sawtelle Japantown, you may notice a new purple and grey apartment complex and several other lots rife with construction activity.  The majority of these new developments come from Wellesley Manor, a real estate firm whose other holdings in the neighborhood include SoHo Square – a 94-unit mixed-use building built in 2006 – and St. John’s Wood – a 55-unit condominium complex built in 2009.

Wellesley Manor Projects

Wellesley Manor has the following projects in the pipeline for Sawtelle:

Camden Town 1750 Sawtelle

Camden Town 1750 Sawtelle (photo by Steven Sharp)

Camden Town

Camden Town, located at 1750 Sawtelle Boulevard, consists of 15 residential units which shall be rented out as apartments.  Final touches are currently being applied to the four-story structure, which will open to the public soon.

The building was designed by architect Warren Techentin, whose prior work includes the adjacent SoHo Square development at 1700 Sawtelle Boulevard.

Notting Hill Rendering 1900 Sawtelle

Notting Hill Rendering 1900 Sawtelle

Notting Hill Apartments

The Notting Hill Apartments, currently under construction at 1900 Sawtelle Boulevard, will consist of a low-rise edifice featuring 52 residential units.  The building, which is rising on the former site of the Harada Nursery, will include nine live-work apartments on its ground floor and five dwellings reserved for low-income households.

Designs from Newport Beach-based MJS Design Group call for a five-story structure featuring multiple outdoor gathering spaces and a three-level underground garage with parking accommodations for up to 78 vehicles.

Future Site of Regents Park

Future Site of Regents Park (photo by Steven Sharp)

Regents Park

Across the street from the Notting Hill development, a century-old bungalow was recently demolished to make way for Regents Park, a five-story structure which would include 25 residential units, 650 square feet of ground-floor commercial space and a large parking garage.

Like Camden Town, the proposed low-rise building is being designed by architect Warren Techentin.

Other Developement Projects

In addition to various residential complexes from Wellesley Manor, the following projects are currently planned or in development by different entities:

1831 Sawtelle (photo by Steven Sharp)

1831 Sawtelle Boulevard (photo by Steven Sharp)

1831 Sawtelle Boulevard

Construction began earlier this year for a new three-story apartment building at 1831 Sawtelle Boulevard.  According to information from the Los Angeles Department of Building and Safety, the low-rise building will include 30 residential units and a two-level basement garage.

City records list the project’s architect as the Glendale-based firm Uriu & Associates.

Rendering of 1837 Sawtelle Boulevard

Rendering of 1837 Sawtelle Boulevard

1837 Sawtelle Boulevard

Construction permits are currently in the works for another multi-family residential building on an adjacent property at 1837 Sawtelle Boulevard.  The project, which is being designed by architect David Forbes Hibbert, would consist of a four-story building featuring 19 residential units and a below-grade parking garage.  Two units would be reserved for very-low income households.

YMCA Building (photo by SawtelleJapantown.com)

YMCA Building (photo by SawtelleJapantown.com)

1947 Sawtelle Rendering

1947 Sawtelle Rendering

1947 Sawtelle Boulevard

The largest project currently planned for the neighborhood is slated for the current home of the Westside Family YMCA at 1947 Sawtelle Boulevard.  The project, which is being developed by California Landmark Group, would consist of 73 residential units and 7,700 square feet of ground-level commercial space.

Designs from Rios Clementi Hale Studios call for a modern five-story structure flanked by cherry blossom trees.  The building’s height would pare down to two-story townhomes as it approaches the adjacent single-family zone to the west.

Construction is scheduled to begin in mid-2016.

気がつくと思う。これらはほとんどWellesley Manor 不動産によるものだ。同社は他にもSoHo Square
(94軒 多目的物件 2006築)とSt. John Wood〈55軒 コンド 2009年築)を建築。

Wellesley Manorの将来建築予定

Camden Town

1750 Sawtelle Boulevard (15軒 賃貸アパート 4階建)近日中に公開。このビルは建築家Warren Techentin氏による。氏はSoHo Square1700Sawtelle Boulevardもてがけた。

Notting Hill Apartments

1900Sawtelle Boulevard に在る等物件は52軒の低層建造物で前原田植木屋跡地に建ち
一階はlive-workアパートで5軒は低職者用。Newport BeachのMJS Design Groupは5階建て

Regent Park

Notting Hill Developementの向かい側のバンガローが壊され5階建て25軒住居650スクエアーフィートの路面店と大型ガレージができる。

Camden Townと同じように申請中の低層建造物は建築家 Warren Techentin氏によりデザインされている。

Wellesley Manorの住宅に加え他社による以下のプロジェクトが現行計画中

1831Sawtelle Boulevard

グレンデール市のUriu & Associates.

1837Sawtelle Boulevard
家族向けの建築家David Forbes Hibbert氏による4階建て19軒、地下駐車場付物件が現在許可申請中。二軒は低所得者向け。

1947Sawtelle Boulevard

現行計画中近隣の最大ロジェクトはWestside FamilyYMCA跡地だ。California Landmark Group
により開発される73軒の住居と7700スクエアーフィートの路面店舗だ。Rios Clement Haleスタジオによる5階建てで桜が植えられる。建物の高さは隣の家族用一軒家に向け徐々に低くなる。2016年中旬施工開始予定。