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Westside Family YMCA To Be Torn Down to Build 73 Residential Units

May 17, 2015

Rendering of 1947 Sawtelle Project

Rendering of 1947 Sawtelle Project

Exterior of Westside YMCA

Exterior of Westside Family YMCA

The following article was co-authored by Steven Sharp, editor of the Urbanize LA blog.  For more information on the latest Los Angeles urban development projects, visit Urbanize.LA and follow Urbanize LA on twitter @ubranizela.

CA Landmark Group (CLG), a Los Angeles-based real estate developer, has purchased the Westside Family YMCA at 1947 Sawtelle Boulevard with the intention of building a residential-retail complex on the site.  Plans filed with Department of City Planning call for a five-story structure featuring 73 residential units and 7,700 square feet of ground floor commercial space.  The YMCA will relocate to a new 60,000-square-foot facility near the University High School campus.

CLG’s mixed-use plan on Sawtelle is consistent with current zoning and will bring new rental housing, including below-market affordable units to West Los Angeles.  The company has more than 25 years of development experience on the Westside.  Since submitting plans to the city last year, CLG has been reached out to neighbors seeking feedback on the project through an ongoing series of monthly mixers.

The Sawtelle project is being designed by Rios Clementi Hale Studios with a contemporary architectural theme similar to buildings in modern day Tokyo.  Plans call for a plaza at the corner of Sawtelle and La Grange Avenue, flanked by cherry blossom trees.  The building’s height profile will gradually pare down to a series of two-story townhomes as it approaches the adjacent single-family zone to the west.

Construction of the residential-retail complex is anticipated to begin in mid-2016, with delivery tentatively scheduled for one year afterwards.

Google Map View of YMCA Site

Google Map View of YMCA Site


ロスアンジェルスの不動産開発会社CA LANDMARK GROUP(CLG) 1947 SAWTELLE BOULEVARD にあるウエストサイドYMCAを住宅と商業施設建築の為購入した。 都市計画書には5階建て73戸の住宅と7,700スクエアーフィートの一階商業施設が建てられると登録されている。YMCAはユニバーシティー高校のキャンパス近隣に6,000スクエアーフィートの施設として転居する。




The Westside Family YMCA is located at 1947 Sawtelle Blvd. Los Angeles, CA 90025


Osaka Residences I & II / 大阪住宅 I &II

April 9, 2015

Rendering of Completed Osaka Residences I & 2

Rendering of Completed Osaka Residences I & II

Osaka Residences I & 2 Exterior

Osaka Residences I & II Exterior

One of the new developments that has emerged in Sawtelle Japantown is the Osaka Residences 1 and II on the corner of Corinth and La Grange Avenue.  The Osaka Residences are 2 modern custom homes which are being built side by side by Sawtelle Japantown resident David Owen Taylor, who goes by the nickname “Dot”, and his contractor John Kwan, also a Sawtelle Japantown resident.   The architect for this project is Andres Cardenes of Cardenes and Associates.    The lot was previously owned by the YMCA.

Developer David Owen Taylor

Developer David Owen Taylor

Contractor John Kwan

Contractor John Kwan

Dot, who has been in the real estate business for years owning apartment buildings throughout Southern California, was chosen by the YMCA out of 20 developers after presenting the YMCA with an offer and plans on how he would develop the site. Osaka Residences I and II are each 3000 square feet with 4 bedrooms and 3 baths.  Each home will feature a custom kitchen with high end appliances, lime stone flooring, carrera marble bathrooms, white oak stairs and a roof top deck.  In addition, the homes will be energy efficient with solar panels on the roof and will be high tech “smart homes” with iPads controlling features within each home.

View of West LA Buddhist Temple

View of West LA Buddhist Temple

Space for Solar Panels

Space for Solar Panels

Rooftop Deck with View of Sawtelle

Rooftop Deck

The homes will be completed within 3 to 4 months.  Dot plans to list each home in the $2,000,000 range.

We will feature the completed Osaka Residences I & II in a future post for an exclusive first look for our SawtelleJapantown.com readers!

大阪住宅 I &II 

ソーテルジャパンタウンCorinthと La Grange Avenueの角に大阪j住宅 I & II が新築中です。2軒のモダンなカスタムホームは長年ソーテル在住のDotことDavid Owen Taylor氏とコントラクターJohn Kwan氏により建設されています。このプロジェクトの建築家はCardenes and Associates Andres Cardenes氏です。YMCA が土地保有者でしたが売買されることになりました。

White Oak Stairs

White Oak Stairs

Every Stair is Carefully Measured by Master Carpenter

Every Stair is Carefully Measured by a Master Carpenter



Floor layouts:

First Floor: scan8957

Second Floor: scan8956

For more photos of the Osaka Residences I and II go to SawtelleJapantown.com’s Facebook Page.

For more information on the homes, contact David Owen Taylor at:

dotyournot [@] gmail.com

The Osaka Residences I and II are located at:

11320 and 11322 La Grange Avenue, Los Angeles, CA 90025